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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  October 16, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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that plane bringing the ebola patient to our area is expected to land in frederick, maryland, late tonight. good afternoon, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. airport officials confirmed, they got a call from the company transporting nina pham. she was the first nurse who contracted ebola after caring for thomas duncan in dallas. >> in just a few hours, a plane will leave dallas and head to frederick where a ground crew is expected to transport pham by ambulance to nih in bethesda. >> we have team coverage now as the area prepares for the first confirmed ebola patient. chris gordon is outside nih, and we start with news4's shomari stone, live in frederick. shomari. >> r good evening. right now, nina pham is in stable condition, in good spirits. she is expected to arrive here at the relatively small airport sometime tonight. we're hearing around 11:00. now, keep in mind, she is the first nurse to become infected with the ebola virus in the
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nation. pham will fly in from dallas to the national institute of health in bethesda, maryland. she contracted ebola while taking care of thomas duncan when he was placed in intensive care before his deaths last week. pham wore directive gear, gowns, gloves, masks, face shields and sometimes body suits but still contra the virus. similar to what happened in atlanta last night, an ambulance will be here to pick her up when she lands, and a special team will take her to nih. the staff from the special clinical studies trained to stop the spread of infectious diseases will put her in isolation. coming up at 5:00, we will show you how doctors will monitor what they will look for and even talk to some folks who plan on coming out here, because they say they want to witness hist live in frederick, i'm shomari stone, news4. >> shomari, thank you. staff at the national institutes of health also preparing for pham's arrival later tonight. this facility specializes in this sort of care. >> but how do residents and local leaders feel about someone
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with ebola being transferred to this area? our team coverage continues now with chris gordon, live, from nih. chri >> reporter: well, good evening. this is a familiar sight along old georgetown road in bethesda. nih is one of four bio containment units in the country. nurse nina pham will be given one of two beds in a special unit, set up to handle such cases. nih is part of the u.s. department of health and human services. its the federal government's primary agency for biomedical and health research. everything from the common cold to infectious diseases like ebola. this is a photo of one group of workers taken today at nih. the news that dallas ebola patient nurse nina pham is being brought here to bethesda was received by montgomery county e isaiah legit this morning. >> i am confident they have the
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leadership and resource to say deal effectively with the patient with the ebola symptoms and that they will be able to do a much, much, much better job than maybe some of the other regional hospitals thrt the country. >> reporter: just a little over two weeks ago, a physician with ebola-like symptoms who had been working at a hospital in sierra leone was transported to the national institute of health for observation. it turned out he did not have ebola. earlier this week, the montgomery cy council asked the health department if all local hospitals had made preparations for ebola. council member roger berliner says he believes all ebola patient should be taken to nih. >> i for one believe that when you have a state-of-the-art instit like nih, when you have a case that could possibly be ploel, that you want to make sure that the best, brightest and institution that was built for this purpose fundamentally is the place where people go. >> reporter: and nurse nina pham
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released a statement this evening, thanking her co-workers for the excellent care she has received in dallas, coming here to nih. and ahead, we will be talking to people who live and work in bethesda. and their reaction to the news that an ebola patient is being transferred here as of tonight. we'll have that ahead on news4 at 5:00. that's the latest live in bethesda. ba to you. now the latest on amber vinson, the second nurse to be infected in texas after treating ebola patient thomas duncan. >> right now she is in the specialized isolation unit at emory university hosp in atlanta, after being transferred from dallas last night. there are still a lot of questions about why she was allowed to take a commercial flight from texas to ohio, and back, just before her diagnosis, especially after she notified the cdc. within 24 hours she tested
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positive. d that was the very first question congress posed to cdc director tom frieden. >> we discussed with her her storms as well as other evaluation. i have not seen the transcript of the conversation. my understanding is that she reported no symptoms to . >> but questions remain about why vinson was allowed to travel in the first place. dr. freedn noted health care workers are considered high risk when they are not wearing the right protective equipment. hospital workers acknowledge their procedures evolved in the first few days of duncan's treatment when both infected nurses had extensive contact with his bodily fluids. word that vinson traveled on a plane before her diagnosis is stoking fears today about the spread of the virus. >> an elementary school in
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akron, ohio, is closing until monday because a student's mother had contact with amber vinson last weekend. and 13 cleveland nurses who happened to be on the flight win from dallas to cleveland on friday are getting 21 days of paid leave. hospital officials say they don't think the nurses are at risk, but they want to ease the community's anxiety level. however, some airline passengers are >> i touch my hands to my face or anything like that. all i'm going to do is sit and not touch. >> i don't know if we should be really worried about or people are freaking out over nothing. >> meanwhile, today marks the start of new screenings at dulles international and other airports that travel internationall arriving from west africa will get their temperatures taken. megan mcgrath reports from dulles in our next half hour. our coverage of the ebola crises is just getting started.
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in a few minutes, the nurse who cared for her friend and co-worker, nina pham after she tested positive is blasting her hospital. barbara harrison is covering that angle. and we want to keep you up to date on new developments, wherever you are. download the free nbc washington app and turn on breaking news alerts. search nbc washington in the app store and google play. we are also following a developing story right now out of fairfax, where a 15-year-old girl has been found dead near the train tracks. who was she, and what was she doing there? plus, storm team 4 tracking lingering rain showers in our region. yeah, some folks getting a little shower or two, not a big deal at all. some folks even getting some sunshine. your temperatures between 6:00 and 8:00 at 62 degrees. we dropped to 59. 8:00 to 11:00, we'll be drying out. that forecast on the other side of the break on news4 at 4:00.
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wall street's see saw ride isn't over. up one point today, finished the day down 24. the s&p 500 about even. but nasdaq gained 2 points. stocks are in the midst of their nastiest decline in three years amid concerns about europe, ebola and the economy. first on 4:00, a letter went
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home of students of robinson high school this afternoon, fog last night's death of a student there. police in fairfax county tell us 15-year-old brooke buesking was struck by a train near side burn road and new guinea road in the burke area. authorities found the teen's body near railroad tracks in that area. it was a short time after that that the teen was reported missing. an exact cause of death has not yet been determined. buesking attended robinson high school. the principal there is reaching out to parents now who are trying to help their children cope with the tragedy. a charles county man is accused of murdering his wife after police say he ran over her several times with their car. brian weyhenmeyer was charged with first degree murder and assault. he was taken into custody on monday. shortly after his wife jennifer was found dead behind a shopping center on crane highway in waldorf, police say she had argued with her husband just minutes befo. she is slamming her hospital for sloppy care, putting health
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care workers and patients at risk of contracting ebola. barbara harrison is up next. we also now know why the mysterious man who was helping to evacuate ebola patient amber vinson on to a plane wasn't wearing a hazmat suit.
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some breaking news out of rockville, maryland. wendy rieger on the live desk. >> well, this is an ambulance and a fire truck both responding to a hazard mass situation and crashed into each other. take a look at this. this is in rockville on parkland road at aspen hill road. those roads are shut down right at that intersection right now, because of this. we have six people injured. their injuries are not life-threateni, but it was a mess of a crash there, and an investigation is under way. again, this is chopper 4, live
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pictures over the scene at parkland at aspen hill road in rockville. tryi to get a close-up for you to see the impact of this ambulance and fire and rescue and a fire truck that ran into each other this afternoon. both responding to another situation. the rushing to that scene when they ran into each other. six people injured, not terribly serious injuries. we will keep you posted. back to >> right now, the airplane that carried a texas nurse infected with ebola is in a hangar in denver, colorado, being cleaned for a fourth time. the frontier airplane took nurse amber vinson from cleveland to dallas. two pilots and four flight attendan on vinson's flight are on paid leave now for three weeks. this fourth cleaning of the plane includes removing seat covers and carpets in the area where vinson sat. meanwhile, 75 workers at the texas hospital where vinson works are monitoring themselves for ebola symptoms.
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one of them now says she personally would not seek treatment at the hospital, even though she works there, because she doesn't feel it's safe there. news4's barbara harrison has a story you'll see only on 4. barbara. >> pat, briana aguirre is a nurse at texas health presbyterian hospita in dallas. she did not take care of thomas eric duncan who died as a patient but she did take care of news nina pham after pham tested positive for the ebola virus. now aguirre has concerns about how the hospital is dealing with the ebola crisis, and she talked about this to matt lauer on the "today" show th >> knowing what i know, i would try anything and everything to refuse to go there to be treated. i would feel at risk by going there. if i don't actually have ebola, i may contract it there. >> aguirre says the protective gear they wear is not adequate. >> and the second week of an ebola crisis at my hospital, the only gear they're offering us at that time and up until that time
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is gear that is allowing our necks to be uncovered. and i just flat out asked several infectious disease nurses, i asked the cdc, why would i be wearing two pairs of gloves, three pairs of bootees, a plastic suit covering my entire body and leave my neck hanging out much, so that -- it can -- something can potentially go close to my mouth or nose? >> aguirre says she is afraid there could be fallout from her speaking out about the ebola response at texas presbyterian hospital. but she says she feels it's the right thing to do. she is worried, she says, she could lose her job, which she has said is the best job she has ever had. pat, jim? >> barbara, thank you. turning to the weather. veronica, we hear you've got your eye on winter? >> we in storm center 4 have our eye on winter for sure and noaa issued their winter outlook today, guys.
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noaa, national oceanic and atmospheric administration, here's what they are calling for. the area in blue east of d.c., charles county, prince george's county, down the neck, weather average for the winter. we're talking about snowfall and ice and rain too. average snowfall for us is between 15 and 17 inches, so those areas in blue looking wetter than average, says noaa for the winter. equal chances for the rest of s us, d.c. to the west, chances of being equal, near, above or below average. d in terms of temperatures, i know a lot of folks saying am i going to have to bundle up now? noaa is calling for equal chances of that. what storm team 4 is saying, if you want to know what we're looking at, for at least the early part of winter, watch our tracking fall special this saturday. mete doug kammerer will look at that, and a lot of good stories on everything fall, which you'll have to see. if you can't watch, set the dcv.
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showers east through montgomery county, clarksburg, gaithersburg, 70, the only guy in town of anything significant. 66, your temperature. we've got an isolated shower for 7:00 and 8:00. by 9:00, our chance will be ending. clouds will start clearing out. mostly cloudy at 11:00 on the other side of midnight, get ready to clear out. and temperatures will start dropping. cooler start to the day tomorrow. ther a look at 10:00 p.m. as i said, showers moving out. the sky clearing. this is at 2:30 in the morning. and then partly sunny to start your day tomorrow. i do think that any other cloud cover will stay pretty much off to the west tomorrow, giving us a partly sunny afternoon. and yes, that means temperatures too will be higher than what we witnessed today. going up to 70 degrees for your friday. right now your weekend is looking breezy. notice the temperatures for saturday and sunday. a cooler day, much cooler day for sunday. in fact, there is a weak weather front coming through saturday night into sunday morning.
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could deliver a very light shower. for us, though, allows the winds to kick up. i don't think it's really going to deliver anything significant saturday night. that weather front on the other side much cooler from 45 to 59 degrees coming up later in the newscast, i'll show you county by county, these low temperatures coming up for sunday morning, monday morning. we'll talk about that trend for next week. guys? >> all right. thanks, veronica. get ready for enhanced screening at dulles airport. how passengers are reacting to getting up close and personal with customs. and meet tvs top chef contender. one of d.c.'s own. george pagones takes us inside hi
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you're watching news4 at 4:00.
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please pack your knives and go. >> all right. thank you. >> a new season of "top chef" is off and running. and the premier is proving that the competition is as fierce as ever. last night on the show, d.c. chef george pagones was the first to be eliminated. >> he's the chef in the 14th street corridor, also part owner of top chef alum, mike isabella. >> but he says his early exit doesn't mean he's done fighting. he talked to news4's eun yang about building up his restaurant and his family name. >> actually a rot lot of work involved in it. these are our eggplants here on the grill. >> repor george cooks dozens upon dozens of egg flant plant on the wood fired grill. >> we use all 100% hickory wood here and just goals, no gas, no
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electricity, it gives flavor. you can smell the wood. >> reporter: that distinct flavor is what gives the restaurant its name. ka means smoke in greek and it's been attracting diners with smoky dishes and roasted meats. the producers of "top chef" noticed too. he's the only d.c. chef to make it on the show this season. were you nervous going into it? >> very nervous. >> r george knew he would be up against some of the best chefs in the country. >> and that means you really have to bring your "a" game and you have to remember everything you learned throughout the course of your career, because you never know what situations yo going oh to get thrown into. >> george trained his whole life for kitchen battles. he grew up working in his family's diner in northern virginia. his first job was making toast for the breakfast shift. >> i started washing dishes, cooking, working with the chef. and my dad would just yell at me auto of the time. >> reporter: but his father also
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led by example. working day in and day out, doing every job required to keep the business running. >> i just remember every time i cooked, my father would be there washing dishes, and he would say, george, what are we going to do, close the place down? no, the job has to get done. >> repor george worked with his father until he went to culinary school. there he saw a whole other world of cooking and spent time in several different restaurants. but ultimately, he wanted to go back to his >> it's just who i am. it's part of my life. and when i kind of like went to all these other restaurants and got my culinary foundation down, i just felt like i can apply all of this technique to greek cooking. kapnos serves up a taste of george's personal history. d he hopes his appearance on "top chef" not only introduces his restaurant to a national audience but also pays tribute to the pagones name. >> there are so many restaurants in d.c., it's easy to get lost in the mix.
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so i just really want, like, kapnos to stand out. >> repor eun yang, news4 washington. >> another local chef is still in the competition. joy crump runs a private events and catering company in fredericksburg, virginia, called food-e. she is still vying for the title, top chef. the city of dallas weighing a disaster declaration now over the ebola crisis. jay gray is live as ebola fears spread. >> up close and personal, how passengers are reacting to enhanced screening at dulles international airport. international airport. megan mcgrath takes us inside.
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wothe way als dismantles someone like stuarty. is so painful. embryonic stem cells have so much promise, but barbara comstock voted to ban that research funding even though conservatives like nancy reagan support it. that takes away hope for a cure -- but also, for families like ours, who just wanted a little more time. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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we're following reports of a possible ebola patient in loudoun county. wendy rieger has details at the live desk. >> officials at loudoun county say they're doing this out of an abundance of caution. a female inmate at the adult detention center has been transported to the hospital to
4:32 pm
inova landsdown hospital. she had a low-grade fever. here's why they're transporting her. she was recently in sierra leone, which is an ebola outbreak area. she was there within the last 21 days, so they don't want to take any -- they want to take all precautions. they don't want to take any chances on this. so this afternoon with a low-grade fever, they went ahead and transported this female inmate. we don't know why she was an inmate, they didn't say, from the adult detention center in loudoun county over to inova landsdown hospital to check her out. that's all we have now from the people in loudoun county. officials in loudoun county. but we'll keep you posted on that. back to you. >> wendy rieger on top of yet another angle on this story. wendy, thanks so much. we are tracking new developments tonight on efforts to keep ebola contained in this country. nurse nina pham is on her way again to our area, and the second nurse to be infected in dallas has already moved. jay gray is live now in dallas with the latest.
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jay? >> repor there, jim. as you talk about this dallas hospital defending its treatment procedures, both here today and on capitol hill there, this isolation unit, though, is being cleared out while some worry more patients could be on the we now know that both of the nurses who contracted ebola inside texas health presbyterian hospital will continue their treatments at other high-level facilities. nina pham, otherwise known as nurse number one, she will be coming to the nation institut of health where we will be supplying her with a state-of-the-a care in our high-level containment that decisn comes a day after the second nurse infected, amber vinson, was transferred to emory university hospital. dallas county officials say the nurses were transferred in part because the hospital needs to be sure there is room for others who may test posi hazmat teams at vinson's dallas apartment today started phase two of the decontamination process, while in ohio where she
4:34 pm
traveled before being diagnosed, others who may have had contact with her are self quarantined. >> this is a scary disease. so i think that there is some overreaction. again, we're taking steps to try to it decrease people's fears. certaiy n to increase anxiety. >> reporte for the first time this morning, a nurse from texas presbyterian health spoke publicly about her anxiety over what she calls a lack of protocol. >> we never had a discussion. they gave us an optional seminar to go to, just informational, not hands-on. and it wasn't even suggested we go. >> rep nur briana aguirre says nurses lack proper training and full protective gear, that lab samples were mishandled and as staff moved in and out of the isolation unit and treated other patients without being properly decontaminated. is one of 75 health care workers now self-monitoring. >> knowing what i know, i would try everything and anything to refuse to go there to be treated.
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i would feel at risk by going there. if i don't actually have ebola, i may contract it there. >> reporter: during a hearing on capitol hill today, offic defended the hospital's treatment procedures, saying they followed guidelines from the centers for disease control, but acknowledge there w a flaw. >> it's clear there was an exposure somewhere, and we are poring over records and observations and doing all we can to find the answers. >> reporter: and stop the spread of the deadly virus. now the medical transport bringing nina pham to the maryland area expected to land sometime very late tonight. that's the latest live here in dallas. i'm jay gray. pat, jim, back to you. right now an ebola screening program is up and running at dulles international airport. the checks include all passengers arriving from three countries in we megan mcgrath continues our team coverage from du >> reporter: at dulles international airport, signs of concern. even among travelers who are not going through w
4:36 pm
this man traveling to dubai wore a surgical mask, because he's worried t ebola. >> okay. so you're just concerned about it. >> yeah. >> enhanced health screenin like these at jfk airport in new york are now in effect at dulles international. pe traveling from liberia, sierra leone and guinea are being checked. passengers are asked about exposure to anyone sick, and their temperatures are taken using no-touch thermometers. this man flew in from zimbabwe, south africa. he was screened at several airports during the course of the trip. his temperature taken before he even left africa. >> it's like a screen in the front of you, and i think it says -- kind of like infrared, senses the core temperature. and you have to take off your glasses and all that stuff. >> repor did it bother you that they did that? >> no, it's a necessary evil, i guess. dulles joins a handful of other u.s. airports now doing ebola screenings. folks traveling from africa
4:37 pm
think it's wise. >> it's about contact and once you get in contact with somebody who is infected, that's it. >> i think they're doing what they can. i mean, i don't think there is any easy a >> reporter: airport officials say the number of people traveling from west africa to dulles varies. it can be anywhere from 15 to 55 people a d. from dulles airport, megan mcgrath, news4. >> if a traveler from are west africa has a fever, that traveler will undergo more screenings. in the most severe cases, tra l el will be sent for more testing. airpor in chicago, atlanta and newark are also starting screenings today. >> our coverage of the ebola crisis still gearing up. coming up, wendy rieger joins us with the latest on nurse nina pham's flight to maryland. she is covering that part of the story for us. we will keep you up to date with the latest on this developing story wherever you are. download the free nbc washington app and turn on breaking news alerts.
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search nbc washington in the app store and googl and your evening weather story. a few isolated showers. storm team 4 tracking that. more big changes on top of that, the track of gonzalo strongest in years for the atlantic. and big weekend changes again on the other side of t.
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have you seen the news about barbara comstock? first, the washington post reported, barbara comstock failed to report eighty-five thousand in income. now, we learn, barbara comstock pushed a client's issues in the virginia legislature and didn't disclose it. barbara comstock shepherded a trio of bills through the legislature and into law, but barbara comstock never officially disclosed that all the while she was being paid thousands of dollars. no wonder she hid it.
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president obama issues an executive order today in the battle against ebola. chris lawrence has more. >> reporter: botto line, more american troops will likely be headed to the hot zone there in west africa. the president did send a letter to congress, telling them he had signed this executive order. it authorizes the pentagon to call up national guardsmen and reservists as needed to supplement the u.s. military effort there in west africa. we're not talking about combat troops. what they're likely to need are engineers, specialists in logistics as they try to build about 17 ebola-specific hospitals in liberia. the president has said he will build an air bridge to get supplies to west africa faster and set up training hospitals where u.s. military doctors and
4:42 pm
nurses can help train some of the aide workers working there in west africa. again, this means more american troops likely on the way to the hot zone. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. local thieves targeting pe on their way to the bank. the one thing they're after. plus, wendy rieger continues our team coverage of the ebola crisis. as nurse nina pham, the first person to have contracted ebola on u.s. soil is being moved here to maryland tonight.
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you're watching news4 at 4:00. welcome back to news4 at 4:00. we have reporters and anchors standing by right now with new stories first at 4:00. mark segraves, wendy rieger, veronica johnson and doug kammerer. up first -- >> as we have been reporting, the first nurse who contracted ebola after coming in contact
4:46 pm
with a patient in dallas is now on her way to maryland. news4's wendy rieger is following this story. she has been digging into details from the live desk. wendy. >> the specially equipped plane that will fly nurse nina pham to our area is on track. it will h down 11:00 tonight. she will make the trip to the national institutes of health in beckett he is da. police, city, county officials all coordinating efforts to make sure this trip is as quick and safe as possible. we have team coverage coming up at the top of the hour on news4 at 5:00, including some new reaction to the news that an ebola patient is coming to our area. i will see you then at the top of the 5:00. back to you. >> all right. and we've got the answer to a question that obsessed social media last night. people watching the highly specialized transfer of ebola patient amber vinson couldn't help but wonder about the guy in the civilian clothes. vinson is in the yellow protective suit, surrounded by four people in white bio hazard
4:47 pm
sutsz. clearly, the health care workers are taking every precaution. why was there is a civilian standing unprotected? nbc news has learned the man's job title is medical safety wears civilian clothing because a bio hazard suit would block his hearing and field of vision. >> a busy stretch of road in prince geos couy is back open today following a deadly crash involving five vehicles. for several hours, all but one lane of branch avenue was shut down. news4s molette green rushed to the scene and takes a closer look at just what h >> reporter: we can tell you that one person lost their life in this horrific crash that played out on southbound branch avenue. just before the light behind me. maryland state police tell me that one other person was injured in this crash and taken to the hospital. those injuries described as not
4:48 pm
serious. vehs involved in this crash, including a tow truck, not sure how many people were inside all of those cars. the accident investigation quite extensive to try to figure out just what happened before 8:30 this morning that caused all of this to shut down nearly all of the lanes. only one lane getting by for hours this morning on branch avenue. not sure if speed was a factor. again, the accident investigatn quite extensive, and we are waiting to hear more about just what led to this accident and caused one person to lose their life this morning. in clinton, molette green, news4. >> now maryland state police have not yet released information on the person killed in the crash. there is a hurricane churning up in the atlantic, hurricane gonzalo. >> we'll talk about that and the impact this weather front has
4:49 pm
had on it, and big changes coming our way for the weekend again that will have you maybe pulling off out the sweaters and heavier jacket. here on radar now storm team 4 radar, showers moving through. these are light showers, most of them right now. the one county being impacted the greatest, montgomery county. then it's down into fairfax county, just north of fairfax. light showers right now. we'll zoom into that area and we'll also go wide. as we go wide, you can see the rotation here, again -- this is the leftovers -- the rest of yesterday's weather system, which is far out to sea right now. we didn't like the front yesterday, but doug, we sure like it today, because it's keeping a very powerful hurricane out to sea. >> yeah, that's hurricane gonzalo. winds of 145 miles per hour. 145-mile-an-hour sustained. 175-mile-an-ho gusts. it's a strong category 3. take a look at it. you can see where this storm is. you also notice the area -- the area of low pressure back towards where we are and notice the frontal boundary.
4:50 pm
this front moving off the coast essentially keeping hurricane gonzalo away from the coast and unfortunately moving it right towards bermuda. they can be hit tomorrow, strongest storm there they have seen in well over a decade. we'll talk more about this track and we'll talk about much cooler temperatures coming up at 5:15. vj? >> tright. if you thought today wassel coup, we're at 66 degrees in d.c. right now. 70 hanging on in frederick and fredericksburg, awell. for the most part, a lot of neighborhoods coming in the mid 60s now. we'll drop by in the morning so you need a jacket, 59 degrees that temperature. your commuter forecast on the way home, short sleeves. so it's a layer up kind of day, from cool to mild by the afternoon. lo south 71, fredericksburg, 68. leesburg, 68 degrees. also in frederick. so a lot of folks wondering if they can wash the car. i say go ahead, because it's not until really next week that we get a significant shot of rain. look at the cool temperatures,
4:51 pm
though, for sunday morning. numbers will be dropping into the 40s here. 30s out west. petersburg at 39 degrees. 34 by early sunday morning. so this weekend, nice conditions as we take a look. breezy and cool on sunday behind that system. that's the big impact we're going to feel coming up the second half of the weekend. your warmest day, saturday. the coolest day, next week. we get into a wet pattern tuesday, wednesday, thursday. we'll talk more about this on news4 at 5:00, guys. a new crime alert from charles county police today. a thief is targeting people, carrying deposit bags to banks. customers are being warned to take precautions. there have been at least two incidents since early september where a man walked up, grabbed the victim's deposit bag and drove off. both happened near the bank of america on crane highway in waldorf. these are surveillance images of the suspect and the car he escaped in. a silver hyundai. police tell us a woman was behind the wheel. so far, no arrests.
4:52 pm
new at 4:00, a maryland man is charged with impersonating police after two women are confronted at a store. it happened in the middle of the afternoon yesterday on baltimore annapolis boulevard in glen bernie. the women pointed out the man to police. police arrested larry jones of pasadena, maryland. the women say he approached them and made rude comments. they say he also told them he was looking for a missing girl. he wasn't wearing a uniform, but he did have a badge, and he had hand cuffs. and we're getting an update this evening from the d.c. department of health. the director there confirms there were suspected cases of ebola in the district. but there's no reason to panic. mark segraves is working this >> reporter: just about two hours ago, the director of the district's department of health had a briefing for reporters. he wants to get the message out to the public that there is no reason to panic, and that every hospital in the district that has an emergency room is fully
4:53 pm
prepared to handle any cases of ebola that might present here in the nation's capital. he did say there have been 12 cases of suspected ebola here in the district, where patients have symptoms and were isolated. but in every one of those cases, those patients ended up testing negative for ebola, and were eventually released. now, coming up at 5:00 and 6:00, you'll hear directly from the director on the precautions that the district is t reporting in the district, mark segraves, news4. ebola screenings begin at one of our local airports. we just found out how many people have already been stopped for extra screenings. we'll have the latest for you coming up in a live report, new at
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
have you seen the news about barbara comstock? first, the washington post reported, barbara comstock failed to report eighty-five thousand in income. now, we learn, barbara comstock pushed a client's
4:56 pm
issues in the virginia legislature and didn't disclose it. barbara comstock shepherded a trio of bills through the legislature and into law, but barbara comstock never officially disclosed that all the while she was being paid thousands of dollars. no wonder she hid it. you're watching news4 at 4:00. >>e hash tag fangate is
4:57 pm
trending after one of the most bizarre starts to any political debate. govern rick scott refused to go on stage for the first seven minutes of a debate today, because -- last night, rather, because charlie christ had a fan under his podium in florida. not a supporter, a fan, an electrical fan. we report from davie, florida. >> reporter: the fan at charlie christ's feet delayed the gubernatorial debate with governor rick scott refusing to take the stage, protesting the fan. >> governor scott, why the delay in coming out over a fan? >> he said he wasn't going to come to the -- he said he wasn't going to come to the debate. >> repc spinsteres had a field day. >> the governor of florida decided he didn't want to give the people to hear him if the other guy had a fan. that's what this was about. >> repor repubn senator marco rubio spun the issue for goor scott.
4:58 pm
>> it was distracting. >> reporte the fan was distracting? you could hear it, certainly in the hall you could. >> rep the candidates took opposes sides on most every issue raised from the economy to education to same-sex marriages. >> who is it for us to tell other people who to love? and what is it in our right to tell other people who to marry? >> i believe in traditional marriage. the court is going to decide, this is a decision for the courts and they will make the decision. the shooting death of trayvon martin w raised with the candidates stating their positions on florida's controversial stand your ground law. >> there is something fundamentally flawed with that law. >> i would not change the law. i think that death is a tragic death, but i believe in the right to defend yourself. >> that debate is still getting talked about on social media. there is even a twitter page called "charlie christ's fan." it has about 1,500 followers. news4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy. right now at 5:00, an ebola
4:59 pm
patient moving to our backyard. we're following some big developments this evening as a texas nurse gets ready to transfer to nih. >> she will be coming to the national institutes of health. where we will be supplying her with state-of-the-art care in our high-level containment facility. >> tonight, team coverage as the region prepares for the first ebola patient, and the concerns such a move is raising. and good evening. that dallas nurse is just hours away from receiving care here in our area. >> and as ebola becomes topic number one across our region, schools, governments and hospitals are all taking new precautions tonight. right now, chopper 4 is up live over the national institutes of health, where later tonight, nina pham will arrive for treatment. ph was the first nurse who contracted ebola after treating thomas duncan, the man who died from the virus in dallas, texas. she is currently in good condition, and tonight she will be flown to the municipal airport in frederick, maryland,
5:00 pm
by the same company that transported her co-worker to atlanta last night. >> pham will travel by ambulance to nih in bethesda, where she will occupy one of two beds available in the special >> we have reporters across our area right now to cover every angle of this story, and to try to answer all the questions you're asking us by e-mail and over facebook and twitter. we begin tonight with news4's chris gordon, who is live outside nih in bethesda. chris? >> rep well, good evening. as everyone in this area knows, nih has some of the world's most respected expes o the treatment and containment of infectious diseases, as we are told. nurse nina pham will be getting some of the best care available. nih is one of four bio containment units in the country. nurse nina pham will be brought here for treatment of ebola and given one of two beds in


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